Best Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Reviews

There are a lot of wild game trail cams in the market today and one of the best brands today is Wildgame Innovations. They’ve managed to step up their game in bringing some of the best trail cameras for hunters and outdoor and nature enthusiasts.

If you are in the market for some Wildgame Innovations trail cameras, it’s a good idea to check the Wildgame Innovations trail camera reviews first. Considering the brutal conditions and the unpredictability of the great outdoors, what are the things you should be looking for?

Do you stick to the cheapest options? Or maybe, you should go with a trail camera that can give you a 360-degree view of its surroundings? These are all legitimate questions. Unfortunately, choice of trail camera can be complicated and a personal preference. The bottom line is that the needs and wants of outdoor enthusiasts vary.

1 Wildgame Innovations Terra 12 MP

Wildgame Innovations Terra 12 MP

It means that you should be aware of the usual spots that animals appear in before you set up the camera. This way, the animals won’t be out of your camera’s range.
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2 Wildgame Innovations M16i8-8

Wildgame Innovations M16i8-8

What makes the Mirage Series stand out is the fact that it has a trigger of less than half a second. It gives the camera the chance to act once an animal gets into the range.
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3 Wildgame Innovations M16B20-7 Mirage 16

Wildgame Innovations M16B20-7 Mirage 16

There are also some things that you will have to consider if you plan to extend its power. First, this camera consumes more at night. And also, obviously, between video and taking a photo, it uses more energy with the former.
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4 Wildgame Innovations L20B20F-8 Crush X20 Lightsout Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations L20B20F-8 Crush X20 Lightsout Trail Camera

You can save the videos and the images on a memory card for up to 32GB. And because it doesn’t shoot on full HD, you can get more videos and images on your memory card.
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5 Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations Mirage Trail Camera

Unlike the previous Wildgame Innovations trail cameras, the Mirage trail camera is meant to be tied to a tree. It offers a durable casing that can withstand the harsh weather conditions when observing wildlife.
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6 Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360

Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360

The Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360 camera makes use of 8 AA batteries. The good thing about this product is that it features an external power port that can be connected to an external battery pack. It means that it can be an additional source of power.
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7 Wildgame Innovations 360

Wildgame Innovations 360

Compared to other deer cameras, the Wildgame Innovations 360 trail camera is quite difficult to use because it has problems dealing with moving subjects. You might find some shots to be blurry.
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Wildgame Innovations Terra 12MP might not have a high resolution compared to the other trail cameras in the market but it can get the job done.

It is a beginner friendly option. It also won’t frustrate you when being used because it only takes photos of animals. Its trigger won’t go off just because of the wind or leaves.

Another thing that makes this a good buy for beginners is that it is easy to operate. It means that if you don’t have any background whatsoever about trail cameras, then this is the option that you want to go for.

Wildgame Innovations has changed the game for good when it comes to trail cameras. They were able to bring the best products and even cameras that can be considered out of the box.

The good news is that it caters to different types of users. You can choose from different designs that fit the terrain or the situation that you are dealing with.

If you want an eye for the 360-degree surroundings of the area, then you might find the Wildgame Innovations 360 camera as a good option. This is a one of a kind 360-degree trail camera given the fact that it moves its lens to get a view of the entire surrounding.

Now, if you prefer to have a 360-degree trail camera that goes with an option to be hooked to an external power source, then you might find Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360 camera interesting. So far, it is the best trail camera with an alternative power option.

Trigger speed is another thing that should be considered seriously by users. Trigger speed can make or break a particular product. For the Wildgame Innovations trail camera with the fastest trigger speed, you have the Mirage trail camera for that. It allows you to take photos and videos of moving animals.

But if you are very particular about the photos that you take, Crush X20 Lightout model is considered to be the best in image resolution from Wildgame Innovations. It allows you to shoot in 20MP giving you the crisp photos that you want.

Mirage 16, on the other hand, is the best option if you want the best video quality. It gives you a 1280 x 720 resolution for your videos. It means that you don’t have to worry that you will have a difficult time recognizing animals caught at night by your camera.

One of the things that you will realize is that not all cameras are discreet! There are those cameras that simply get the attention of animals because of its appearance, the IR illumination that comes from the camera, even the sound that it produces after taking a shot. Of course, part of your consideration is the discreet design of the camera.

For the most discreet trail camera, you have the M16i8-8 trail camera. It has an appearance that can easily get lost in the background. Though it makes a bit of noise when taking photos and videos at night, it isn’t something alarming that can scare the animals away.

But if all of the cameras we suggested seem intimidating for you, then you have the beginner-friendly Wildgame Innovations Terra 12MP. It offers entry-level specs and an easy-to-use design that can introduce you to the world of trail cameras.

Did you like the reviews that we did on the Wildgame Innovations trail cameras? Do you think agree with our reviews? Feel free to let us know if you have anything to add!

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